And We send you [Prophet Muhammad SAW] as the Mercy for all Universes

Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil 'alamin

Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alamin


Allah has countless names and attributes [Asmaul Hasana]. In Quran He uses these so His being can be understood by people, whether it is Al-Baaqi  [The Forever Enduring] or Al-Khaliq [The Creator] or Malik ul Mulk [The Owner of Entire Creation].


In Quran, Allah began the first Ayah of Surah Fatiha with Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alamin [All praises be to Allah who is the Lord/Creator of all Worlds]. Considering it is part of every Namaz, it is the most repeated Ayah by Muslims. Among infinite, Allah chose Rabbil ‘alamin, the Lord and Benefactor of all worlds. It shows his merciful nature as well as utmost authority in all worlds, seen or unseen.

As Allah calls himself Rabul-Alameen, he also called beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, Rehmat Lil Alameen, as seen in verses below:


Wa Ma Arsalnaka illa Rahmatalil Aalameen

Wa Ma Arsalnaka illa Rahmatalil Aalameen


Wa Ma Arsalnaka illa Rahmatalil Aalameen

And We have not sent you [Prophet Muhammad] but as a Mercy to all Worlds.

– Surat Al-Anbiyaa (Surah of the Prophets): Ayah 108

Like the authority of Allah escapes nothing, big or small, similarly nothing escapes the Rehmet and mercy of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Download the most beautiful 40 Naat Sharifs at

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