Story from Rumi’s Masnavi: Prophet’s advice to Hazrat Ali R.A.


Zulfikar: The Sword of Hazrat Ali R.A.

Zulfikar: The Sword of Hazrat Ali R.A.


Mevlana Rumi’s Masnavi verses 2960 narrate a story in which Prophet Muhammad share a beautiful advice to Hazrat Ali, emphasizing the importance of a sage’s guide. 


  • گفت پیغمبر علی را کای علی ** شیر حقی پهلوانی پر دلی‌‌

  • The Prophet said to ‘Ali, “O ‘Ali, you are the Lion of Allah, and a courageous knight,

  • لیک بر شیری مکن هم اعتماد ** اندر آ در سایه‌‌ی نخل امید

  • But do not even rely upon thy lion-heartedness: come into the shade of the palm tree of hope.

  • اندر آ در سایه‌‌ی آن عاقلی ** کش نداند برد از ره ناقلی‌‌

  • Come into the shade of the Wise-man whom no one can took off astray

  • ظل او اندر زمین چون کوه قاف ** روح او سیمرغ بس عالی طواف‌‌

  • His shadow on the earth is like Mount Qáf, his spirit is like Simurgh bird that soars high.

  • گر بگویم تا قیامت نعت او ** هیچ آن را مقطع و غایت مجو

  • If I should tell of his qualities until the Qayamah, do not seek (expect) any conclusion and end to them.

  • در بشر رو پوش کرده ست آفتاب ** فهم کن و الله اعلم بالصواب‌‌

  • The (Divine) Sun has veiled Himself in Man: under this secret, and God knows best what is right.

  • یا علی از جمله‌‌ی طاعات راه ** بر گزین تو سایه‌‌ی خاص اله‌‌

  • O ‘Ali, above all devotional acts in the Way (of God) do  choose the shadow of protection of the chosen favourite of God.

  • هر کسی در طاعتی بگریختند ** خویشتن را مخلصی انگیختند

  • Every one took refuge in some act of devotion and discovered for themselves some means of deliverance.

  • تر برو در سایه‌‌ی عاقل گریز ** تا رهی ز آن دشمن پنهان ستیز

  • Go ahead, take refuge in the shadow of the Sage, that thou may escape from the Enemy that opposes you in secret.

  • از همه طاعات اینت بهتر است ** سبق یابی بر هر آن سابق که هست‌‌

  • Of all acts of devotion this is the best for you: and you will gain precedence over every one that has outrun others.”


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