Jeet gayee to piya moray, Jo mai haree, payee ke sang! – Amir Khusrow

Aahang-e-dilbari - A.R.Chughtai

Aahang-e-dilbari – A.R.Chughtai

Jeet gayee to piya moray

Jo mai haree, payee ke sang!

(In the game of love, if I win then beloved is mine.

And if I lose, I give myself to my beloved)

– Kalam Hazrat Amir Khusrow

Download this beautiful kalam ‘ Mose Bolo Na Bol ‘  in voice of Queen of Sufi Music, and’s beloved, ABIDA PARVEEN 
Sufi Art above by Pakistan renowned miniature genius, A.R.Chughtai

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