Why Hazrat Hamza seeked life in death? Sufi from for Masnavi by Maulana Rumi

The story of Hazrat Hamza, who passionately sought after “the elixir of death” in order to gain eternal life: Sufi from for Masnavi by Maulana Rumi


Whenever Hamza went into the battle-field at the end of his life, he would enter the fray like one intoxicated, without metal amour

Advancing with open breast and naked body, he would throw himself into the sword-bearing ranks.

The people asked him, saying, “O’ uncle of the Prophet, o’ Lion who breaks the ranks of the adversaries, o’ prince of the champions”

When you were young and strongly-knit, you did not go into the battle line without a metal amour

Now that you have become old, infirm and bent, you are knocking at the doors of recklessness

And with sword and spear, like one who fears nothing, you are grappling, struggling and straining yourself.

Hamza said, “When I was young, I used to consider farewell to this world as death.

How should anyone go to death eagerly? How should he come naked and unarmed to meet the dragon?

But now, through the Light of Muhammad SAW, I am not subject to this transitory world.

Beyond the realm of the senses, I see the camp of the Divine King filled with the army of the Light of God.

Tent on tent and tent-rope on tent-rope. Thanks be to Him who awakened me from slumber!”

The one in whose eyes death is destruction – he clings to the Divine command,

“Do not cast yourselves into destruction” ;

And the one to whom death is the opening of the gate – for him in the Divine Allocution (the Qur’an) there is the command, “Race with each other in hastening”.



Masnavi Volume 3, Verses 3419- 3435

Transliteration based on English translation by our dear brother Wazir Dayers, with permission and compliments.




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