Aziz Mian Qawwal and Sons [Imran Aziz Mian and Tabrez Aziz Mian Qawwal]

Aziz Mian Qawwal

Aziz Mian Qawwal is being regarded as one of the most popular Qawwali artists of the sub-continent. With his unique style, he amused and mesmerized audiences at the same time. He was awarded Pakistan’s greatest award for performing arts, the Pride of Performance in 1989.

Aziz Mian left 2 talented sons: Tabrez Aziz Mian Qawwal and Imran Aziz Mian Qawwal, who continue here legacy. Download there amazing tracks in MP3 at link below, which include


 Imran Aziz Mian – Khawaja Piya (9:55)

 Imran Aziz Mian – Sajda Imam Hussain (20:12)

 Tabrez Aziz Mian – Tasveere Muhammad Mere Sene Mein (15:16)




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