A.R. Rahman and Dilip Kumar: Two Living Legends of India

a.r.rahman and dilip kumar

a.r.rahman and dilip kumar

Dilip Kumar and A. R. Rehman are one the greatest artists produced by Indian Cinema. Besides their professional success, both are great humanists.Dilip Kumar was born as Yousaf Khan in Peshawar, before migrating to Mumbai. He holds the Guinness World Record for winning the maximum number of awards by an Indian actor. He is a huge admirer of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the humanist people’s poet of Pakistan.Interestingly, Allahrakha Rahman [populary called A. R. Rehman] was born under name Dilip Kumar, who later converted to Islam at the age of 22, with his great reverence for Sufism. He follows Qadiro order and also charity for TB patients. He is the only Indian Music Director who has two Oscars awards.A.R.Rahman performed last week at O2 Arena London, which is the world’s world’s busiest music arena. His reverence to Prophet S.A.W. and Sufism was evident in his recitation of Darood Shareef as well as songs such as Kun Fayakun.

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