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The Art of Naat Rasool e Maqbool SAW

Naat verses (Naatiya Kalam) is regarded as a form of Islamic art and expression, and Naat Khawaani is an established genre in vocal performance that goes back many centuries. Hassan ibn Thabit from Medina...

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Discovering Sufi Music across South Asian Regions

Sufi Music is mainly associated with India and Pakistan, yet like the diverse cultures within these two countries, therefore Sufi music in different regions of Indian Subcontinent vary greatly. aims to bring selected...


Top 10 songs by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

  We are talking about top 10 tracks of The Qawwal who: Composed more than 200 albums despite living a short life. Had an unbelievable vocal frequency that actually flustered the studio recording artists as they...