Allama Iqbal verses on Maulana Rumi

Allama Iqbal verses on Maulana Rumi and advice to Youth of South Asia

mevlana rumi allama iqbal

Maulana Rumi in words of Allama Iqbal

نہ اٹھا پھر کوئی رومی عجم سے لالہ زاروں سے
وہی آب و گل ایران ، ووہی تبریز ہے ساقی

نہیں ہے نا امید اقبال اپنی کشت ویران سے
ذرا نم ہو تو یہ مٹی بڑی زرخیز ہے ساقی


Another Rumi didn’t rise from the gardens of the East

Although the water, flowers of Persia remain same, same Tabraiz is the wine server

Yet Iqbal is not pessimistic of this dry and barren lands

The soil of East just need a little moisture to become such a fertile land


Readers of know how passionate we are about Maulana Rumi’s and Dr. Allama Iqbal and the spiritual relationship between them. Allama Muhammad Iqbal has so many verses that show his reverence to Mevlana Rumi and among so many Islamic Scholars, Faqiha and Sufi Saints, he repeatedly chose and quotes Maulana Rumi in his various Urdu and Farsi verses.


The above photo of Mevlana Rumi features poem of these Allama’s urdu and farsi verses in respect of Mevlana Rumi. Also the verses above [Zara Namm Ho To Yeh Mitti Baree Zarkhaiz Hai Saaqi] is a commonly quoted verse to state how much talent the lands of South Asia hold and all there is needed is a little opportunity. However, few know that the verse before this one is actually attributed to Maula Rumi.







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