Allama Iqbal’s meeting with Iblees [Satan] – Verses from Javed Nama

Allama Iqbal’s meeting with Iblees [Satan] – Verses from Javed Nama

Namoodar Shudne Khawaja Ahl-e-Firaaq Iblees [Iblees, the chief of rebel separatists from God appears] is a persian poem by Dr. Allana Iqal from his book Javed Nama. Iqbal has beautifully narrated in verse his visist to heavens and hell as well as other celestial places such as Mars. Iqbal in this journey is led by his spiritual mentor Mevlana Rumi. He converses with several heroes as well as villains, including Tipu Sultan, Mansoor Hallaj, Nietzsche, Pharoah, Mirza Ghalib among others.

The journey includes one interesting meeting and dialogue between Allama Iqbal and Iblees (Satan). Iqbal has portrayed Satan as a wise old being; thoughtful, serious and quiet. He has many guises, including that of a sinner, mullah, philosopher and hermit at the same time.

As Satan rebels against God, he remained steadfast in his mission to lead humans astray. He toils hard in his work and don’t take a second’s break. Satan exclaims says that unlike all other religions, his religion doesn’t believe in sects, but is based on unity and steadfastness.He also complains that Humans are becoming such as easy prey for him, that he longs for a competitors or true Momin, whom he has to work hard against.

Iqbal asked him to beg forgiveness from Allah and be among his favorites again. Satan replies that separation and struggle  is the real joy of life. “If my separation from Allah ceases, I will cease to exist too”, he responds.

After such narrative, a poem Naala-e-Iblees [Woe of Satan] immediately follows. Satan exclaims to Allah:

“O’ Lord of Good and Evil, the company of Adam annoys me now. He doesn’t seem the Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat [Best of all Creations], but merely resembles a lifeless being. He obeys me so easily and goes on evil path, that it is not enjoyable for me to lead him astray. I am tired of my easy victories over Humans. My eyes long for a real Momin, who truly believes in Allah and gives no importance to me. With the strength of his faith, he destroys me into pieces and tell me to go away from me.”


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