Allama Iqbal’s poem in respect of Hazrat Baba Guru Nanik

guru nanik and allama iqbal

Guru Nnik and Allama Iqbal


Allama Iqbal had immense respect for Hazrat Baba Guru Nanik, the founder of Sikhism. Guru Nanik’s fundamental teaching was oneness of God [Tawheed]. Iqbal also shared his reverence for Buddha in his diary, Stray Reflections.

Guru Nanak was the founder of Sikhism. He was born in Nankana Sahib in Pakistan in 1469. He was the son of a Hindu grain merchant. He adopted the mystic way, as he preached oneness of God. He traveled widely, and came to have a large following because of his piety. In the course of one of his travels he is reported to have met Babar. Guru Nanak died in 1539 at the age of seventy.

Below poem is Allama’s beautiful tribute with English Translation to Baba Guru Nanik:



Allama Iqbal and Baba Guru Nanik

Allama Iqbal and Baba Guru Nanik




The nation didn’t bother about Buddha’s message

They failed to realize the price of their unprecedented pearl.


Pity them; they remain ignorant of voice of Truth

They don’t know the sweetness of their own tree.


Buddha revealed the ultimate truth of life

However, Hind was proud of its illusionary fancies 


It was not gathering which benefits from Light of truth

The rain of spiritual blessings happened, but the land was not ready for it.


Alas! For the low-caste, Hindustan had became a land of despairs

It had become blind to the sorrows of humanity


The Brahmin were still intoxicated with wine of pride

The light of Buddha is shining in the halls of foreigners [The West]


After many ages, the house of idols became lightened

Within Azar house, the light of Hazrat Ibrahim begins to shine


Lo! Again rises the voice of Tawheed [Monotheism] from lands of Punjab

A perfect man wakes up Hind from their dreams of ignorance.




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