The Story of Vulture and Kite: By Shaykh Saadi

The story of a Vulture and a Kite: Sufi Story from Shaykh Saadi’s Bostaan

A vulture said to a kite, “No bird can see so far as I do!”

“You may be right,” responded the kite, “but can you see across the desert?”

Gazing down, the vulture said, “Yes!, I see a grain of wheat in the field”

Both birds flew to the ground. When the vulture pecked upon the wheat, he became caught in a trap laid by the farmer. Destiny trapped him by the neck. True that the sages said that not every oyster contains a pearl, not every archer hits the target!

“What use is your vision, when you are unable to spot the trap”, yelled the Kite at the Vulture.

“Against Fate’s decree, all our cautions and plans fail”, replied the Vulture in despair.

When the decrees of Eternity come in action, even the sharpest eyes are rendered blind by Fate. It’s like an ocean without shoreline and the swimmer strives in vain.





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