Badnaam returns to Pepsi Battle of Bands with Daastan-e-Faqeer

Badnaam: Junoon Reborn

Badnaam = Junoon++

Indo-Pak Music has evolved over generations as music arrangements and instruments changed e.g. introduction of guitars and western percussion in South Asia.

It led to various new genres such as Sufi Rock music, for which Junoon, Rabbi Shergill, Mekaal Hassan Band became quite popular across the world.

Pepsi battle of the bands has been instrumental in resurrection of band culture in Pakistan, and all seasons has witnesses some amazing Sufi Rock musicians in form of Badnaam, Darvesh [Season 2] and Dhool and Xarb [Season 3].

The real winner of the Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 2 was evident after a year when runner-up Badnaam played at the finals of Pepsi Season 3, instead of winners Kashmir which played at an earlier episode.

Looking at the quality of performers at Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ current season, it will be no exaggeration to state that Kashmir’s performance was actually quite forgettable, with weak vocals and little excitement from Vais Khan, their usually exceptional guitarist.

But then Badnaam confirmed their status as one of the greatest rockstars of Pakistan with their Nirvana meets Bulleh Shah rendition, Daastan-e-Faqeer, which was heavier and more metal sounding than their previous tracks.

Listing to Daastan-e-Faqeer, it is easy to forget that such huge sound is produced by a 3 person band. As always, Badnaam used lyrics from and inspired by Sufi poets like Bulleh Shah and Baba Farid.

Badnaam is what Junoon was many years ago, rebellious and uncompromising. It remains a band with a purpose, which is to spread the message of Sufism through rock sounds and with their new track they remain true to both their genre as well as purpose of life. And we cannot have enough of them.

Watch Daastan-e-Faqeer by Badnaam on YouTube below:


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