Birds & Wings – Sufi Quote by Mevlana Rumi

Tie two birds together.

Even with four wings now, they will not be able to fly.

Jalaludin Muhammad Rumi is known as Mevlana in Turkey, which means “Our Master” [Spiritual Mentor]. In South Asia, he is often called Maulana Room. In Persia/Iran, he is referred as Balkhi. In the West, he is referred as Rumi.

Regardless of many names, Rumi influence on Modern Sufism and Spirituality remains second to none. In Iran, his Persian verses are memorized by heart. just like Hafiz, and widely admired as a symbol of learning and knowledge. In US, he has been one of the best selling “poets” on love, and frequently quoted (as well as misquoted) at wedding speeches.

Rumi command on Persian verse and rhyme was in a league of his own and he used exceptional parables and illustrations to explain complex spiritual ideas, that immediately connect with the reader. The above quote is one great example of our Master’s exceptional talent. 

birds and wings

Birds and wings – Sufi Quote by Rumi

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