Dialogue between Dr. Allama Iqbal and Moses – from Javed Nama

In ‘Bang-i-Dara’ the poem entitled ‘Kufr and Islam’ dramatises a dialogue between Iqbal and the prophet Moses. Iqbal saw Moses in a vision and addressed him thus:

“O Ye, because of whose footprints the valley of Sinai became a garden, how is it that the fire of Nimrod is still burning in the world, but the vision that you saw of God is not visible.”

The implication of the question was that the evil was dominant in the world, and the good had been suppressed.

Thereupon Moses said:


Iqbal Verses Javidnama

Iqbal Verses from Javidnama


“The evil being something arising out of worldly life is visible but the good which has its origin with God is invisible. If you are a Muslim, do not be attracted by the seen in preference to the unseen. If you wish to see the Unseen, you must have the faith of Abraham. Without such faith, your body is mere clay. If you are really attracted by the Unseen, you should have no worry. You should have your camp in the valley of Faran (which means that you should hold fast to Islam), and await the Day of Judgment. What is seen is transitory; what is unseen is eternal.

If you love the Unseen you should be conscious of this truth. If the fire of Nimrod is still burning, you should not feel worried. That is a transitory affair and will disappear just as the lamp is extinguished at the appearance of the dawn. The fire of Nimrod cannot endure; the invisible light of God alone will endure.”

The point brought out is that though in this world the forces of evil appear to dominate, this should not be a cause of concern for such domi-nation would be for a short period only. Ultimately the Truth will triumph, and the evil will disappear. The Muslims should hold fast to the Shariat and have faith in God. What is seen is an illusion which cannot endure; what is Unseen is the Reality and that will endure.




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