Saqi Nama: Allama Iqbal’s message to Muslim Youth


پلا دے مجھے وہ مۓ پردہ سوز
کہ آتی نہیں فصل گل روز روز

وہ مے جس سے روشن ضمیر حیات
وہ مے جس سے ہے مستی کائنات


O cup bearer hiding in disguise [God], let me drink me that wine

Since the spring does not arrive everyday

That ‘wine’ that reveals the secrets of life

That wine that makes the universe whirl in ecstasy!


Saqi Nama is one of the longest and most beautiful poems of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal from Baal e Jibreel. Classical poets such as Ghalib and Mir boasted of Mey مے (wine) and getting drunk in numerous verses such as:


Qarz Ki Peetay Thay Mey and Samjhte They Haan

Rang Laigi Apni Faaqa Masti Aik Din

قرض کی پیتےتھے مے اور سمجھتے تھے ہاں

رنگ لایگی اپنی فاقہ مستی اک دن


However Allama as he himself claimed never wrote about such inferior loves and toxicity. His poetry was out higher live, recognizing own Khudi , and even the wine he mentioned above clearly reflects not wordly wine, but Divine love that whirls the universe and which reveals the ultimate purpose of life to man.


Download Saqi Nama [Zamane Ke Andaz Badle Gaye] (Kalam Allama Iqbal) in voice of Junoon



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