The Distribution of Allah Vs. Distribution of Muhammad S.A.W. – A Sufi Story

Sufi Student and Teacher

Sufi Student and Teacher


The story goes that a Sufi master used to manage food distribution (langar) for needy at a shrine. Once he had to visit another city and asked one of his pupils to manage langar in his absence.

His pupil, wise and astute Sufi himself, asked him, “Do you want to distribute using Allah’s way or Muhammad S.A.W. way”.

The Sufi teacher was puzzled but thought there is nothing greater than Allah, so he told him to follow that.

When the Sufi master returned, he was shocked to see a complete chaos. Some people went without food, while others have to sleep starved and deprived.

He called for his Pupil whom he delegated this and asked how did he manage the distribution in his absence.

“As you said, I used the distribution way of Allah”, replied the wise pupil. “Since he is Al-Samad (be-niyaaz in Urdu) , there were people who have wasted, while others went with hunger”

The master smiled and advised, “Next time please follow Muhamad S.A.W’s distribution since we humans can indeed never have such divine characteristic”.





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