Finding Man of God: Allama Iqbal advice to his Son [Farsi Verses with Translation]

allama iqbal advice to javed

I am afraid of the times

In which you are born my Son

Because your era is engulfed in materialism

One can no longer recognize one’s own soul anymore

When the people trading their true soul for cheap bodies

The Man of Allah will hide in his self

You try search for him all over, but cannot see him

Even if he is right in front of you

But continue to search for The Man of Allah

No matter how many hardships you face in his search.

Allama Iqbal most famous Persian masnavi Javed Nama remains one the most celebrated masnavis of Farsi, which provide invaluable lessons and advices for Javed and all future generations.

Javed Iqbal jokes that he wrote his first letter to his father when he went to London for political conference and requested him to bring a gramophone at his return. Allama didn’t bring any gramaphone, a huge luxury of that era, but dispatch a beautiful advice in verse for Javed called ‘Javed Ke Naam’, whose first verse is:

Diyar e Ishq main apna muqaam paida Kar

Naya zamana nayey subh o shaam paida Kar

In the world of Love, create your own place

Create new times, create new morning and new evenings

In Apna Gareban Chaak, Javed ends his autobiography with a poignant ending, as he tried to discover the meaning of life, religion and faith in our modern times.

Dr. Javed quotes that his sons Waleed and Muneeb ask him for spiritual guide for our times and where to find the Man of God. Javed quotes Allama’s above poem as he passed on the advice his father to his own sons and all generations to come. Allama Iqbal also ends Javed Nama on a note to follow Rumi, if once cannot find a Man of God in his own times.


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