Kal Chaudhavin Ki Raat Thi: Abida Parveen sings mystical kalam of Ibne Insha

full moon

Kal Chaudhavin Ki Raat Thi, Shabb Bhar Raha Charcha Tera
is Ibne Insha’s masterpiece ghazal. Ibne Insha’s poetry has strong hints of Sufism, another example being Insha Ji Utho Ab Kooch Karo. Below are some beautiful verses from Kal Chaudhavin Ki Raat Thi with translation.

Kooche Ko Teray Chor Kar
Jogi Hi Ban Jaayain Magar
Jungle Terey Parbat Terey
Basti Teri Sahra Tera!
Kal Chaudveen Ki Raat Thee
Shabb Bhar Raha Charcha Tera
Kuch Ne Kahaa Yeh Chaand Hai
Kuch Ne Kaha, Chehra Tera
– Ibne Insha
English Translation
I can leave my home in your love
And become a Jogi
But I realize all forests are yours, all mountains are yours
All cities are yours and even deserts are yous [i.e. I see everywhere]
It was Full Moon last night
And everyone was talking about you beloved
Some said that it’s actually the full moon
But other disputed that it’s your beautiful face

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