Haath Hai Allah Ka Banda e Momin Kaa Hath: Kalam Allama Iqbal



ھاتھ ھے الله کا بندہ مومن کا ھاتھ
غالب و کار آفریں ، کار کشا ، کار ساز

Haath Hai Allah Ka Banda e Momin Kaa Hath
Ghalib-o-Kaar Afreen, Kaar Kusha, Kaar Saaz


Hand of Momin in reality is the Hand of God himself
It is dominant, extremely skilled, resourceful and supreme.

Dr. Allama Iqbal was a poet like no other. While most poets of Urdu can be classified under categories of Romantic poet or Revolutionary poets, he was none of these. He was a poet of Muslim Ummah, an Ashiq-e-Rasool, who spoke of Muslims of India finding their lost grandeur and glory via discovering their true self (Khudi).

Allama was a true protege of Mevlana Rumi, who again had no category. Mevlana spoke of glory of Momin also and so did Allama. This is not interior poetry of explaining beauty of women like Ghalib and Mir, but like a divine Kalam that is a tashreeh of glorious Quran Al-Hakeem itself.

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