Evolution of Humans: In words of Rumi

Rumi on Evolution

Mevlana Rumi on Evolution


Mevlana Rumi’s Verses on Human Evolution [Persian & Urdu text above with English Translation below]


Initially Man started from non-living [Jamood]
From non-living, he acuires state of vegtation

He remained a vegetation for a long time
But he doesn’t have memory of this anymore

Then he evolved from vegetation to animal
But then he forgot his state of vegetation

Besides the need to meet and breed, which continued from vegetation state
He did remember the time of Spring, which is time to bloom

Just like children and mothers share bond of Love
Even though the child cannot understand the reason and secret of his love towards his mother


According to Maulana Shibli, these verses clearly signifies that Rumi hinted the Human evolution, as a it progressed from Non-Living to Flora to Fauana and finally Human Beings. Per other researchers, Rumi may be taking about evolution on more spiritual level as our soul evolved from plant form to humanity.

Regardless, of which way it is interpreted, it indicates the sheer genius of the greatest of Islamic Mystic.




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