Hassan & Roshaan: Lahore based Pop Duo goes on Sufi journey

Hassan & Roshaan: Lahore based Duo brings subtle Sufi nuances to Pakistani Pop

Hassan & Roshaan arrived on the Pakistani music scene as one of the most talented and promising duo. Our team at TheSufi.com has always been an admirer of amalgamation of Sufi music with modern genres, e.g. Sufi Rock bands such as Junoon and Mekaal Hassan Band as well as Sufi Metal such as Badnaam and Dhool.


Hassan and Roshaan


However, Hassan & Roshaan sounds are more mellow and fall into techno/pop genre and it is a pleasure to see some deeper mystical elements embedded in their lyrics e.g. their flagship track Doobne De has verses below:

مسجدوں میں تو نہ ملا مجھے

آفتوں میں تو مل گیا

ہر جگہ تیری موسیقی ہے

تیرے رنگ میں ڈھل گیا

چل بسی ہے زندگی میری

اس جہاں کی دوڑ میں

تجھ کو خوش نہ رکھ سکوں گا میں

ڈوبنے دے مجھے عشق میں


Masjidon mein tu na mila mujhay
Aafaton mein tu mil gaya
Harr jaga teri mausiki hy
Teray rung mein dhal gaya
Chal basi hy yeh zindagi meri
Iss jahan ki dorh mein
Tujh ko khush nahi rakh sakun ga mai
Doobne de mujhay ishq mein


Hassan Sheikh and Roshaan Sherwani are two independent artists who hail from the cultural capital of Pakistan, the gorgeous Lahore [the city where I grew up]. The music video for Doobne De, directed by Waleed Akram, reimagines Badshahi Mosque of Lahore against the backdrop of snow-topped mountains. There are glimpses of Lahore inner city architecture and people, monsoon, kathak performance, all adding to the nostalgia of the beloved city.





The their debut Album ‘Chaar Dinon Ka Khwaab’ begins with Allah Hu, a hamd followed by Lapata and Raastay, songs that clearly delve in the theme of self discovery. Chaar Dinon Ka Khwaab is a 18-track album, which is a refreshing change as most of bands today release singles, rather than an album. It is also a thematic Sufi album, that suggests a journey of self-realization as we move from one track to the next.


Such is evident in their lyrics from their track Lamha:



Dorta ja raha zamana
Chand lamhay hain phir hai jana
Kion na phir ham jeeyein
Bekhof zindagi Kion na phir vo karein
Chaha tha dil se jo kabhi
Dorta ja raha zamana
Chand lamhay hain phir hai jana
Kion na phir ham jeeyein
Bekhof zindagi
Kion na phir vo karein
Chaha tha dil se jo kabhi




Another amazing track with beautiful Seraiki / Southern Punjab sounds is Talaash, a track inspired by Bulleh Shah’s Ishq Nachaya Thayya Thayya. Below is the complete listing of all track with their YouTube link, so you can join them on this spiritual and Sufi journey. Recommended!


1) Allah Hu

2) Lapata

3) Raastey

4) Zulm

5) Shor Machaye

6) lshq Bina

7) Doobne De

8) Maula

9) Doobne De (Reprise)

10) Jee Loon Zara

11) Lamha

12) Tu

13) Maula (Remix)

14) Savera

15) Silsilay

16) Agaya Hoon Main

17) Toofan

18) Hum Aik Hain




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