Story of Sacrifice of Abu-Bakr Siddiq

Story of sacrifice of Abu-Bakr Siddiq: From Sohbat of Hajjah Aminah

There came the order for Yamook war but there was no money in the Muslim treasury to face the enemy  army. The Prophet SAW ordered all the Muslims to give what they could. Hazrat Omar (RA) responded immediately with half of all his wealth for the army.

But Syedna Abu Bakr came and gave all of his substantial wealth to the Muslim treasury.

Hadith report that he use to see his house walls in case he missed a needle there that could have been donated. It was at this occasion, when Hazrat Abu Bakr that Allah and his Prophet are sufficient for him and there is nothing in this world that matters.

Syedna Omar at this event declared it was impossible to compete with Hazrat Abu Bakr. He was always far ahead of anyone else.

There is a Hadith that if you weighed the faith of Abu Bakr against the faith of all the rest of the umma/Muslim community, the faith of Abu Bakr (ra) would weigh heavier.






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