Hazrat Abu Bakr Sadiq: In words of Allama Iqbal


Hazrat Abul Bakr Siddiq R.A. was the first Caliph of Islam. He was the first male adult to be converted to Islam. While other persons argued and raised questions at the time of their acceptance of Islam Abu Bakr accepted the new faith without asking any questions. He was most truthful and he could discern where the Truth lay. He was also the father-in-law
of the Holy Prophet SAW, since he was father of Hazrat Aisha R.A.

When the Holy Prophet SAW decided to migrate from Mecca to Madina, Abu Bakr had the honour of being his companion. In the Holy Quran God has referred to Abu Bakr as ‘the second of the two*.

Abu Bakr’s devotion and love for the Holy Prophet SAW is proverbial and unique.

One day the Holy Prophet of Islam asked his companions that those who were wealthy should contribute a part of their wealth for financing a campaign of ‘Jihad* against the Byzantines.

When the companions heard this call, they hastened to contribute all they could to finance the campaign. Hazrat Umar had with him considerable amount and he felt very happy at having been afforded an opportunity to play his part in the Jihad.

Usually Abu Bakr excelled Umar in the matter of contributions in the name of God,

Umar went home and returned laden with considerable wealth. In his heart of hearts he thought that that day he would excel Abu Bakr in the matter of contribution, to the cause of Islam.

As the Holy Prophet SAW took count of the contribution that Umar had made, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be on him) felt very happy.

He looked at Umar admiringly and enquired “Umar, what have you left for your family?*’
Umar answered; “I divided all that I had in two equal parts. One part I have brought for being used in the name of God; the other part I have left for the benefit of my family”.

Then Abu Bakr came loaded with much money and other contributions. As the Holy Prophet SAW surveyed the contributions made by Abu Bakr the Holy Prophet SAW felt much impressed.

He put Abu Bakr the same question, namely : “What have you left for your family?”

Abu Bakr said “i have brought all the material wealth that I had. I have left God and the Holy Prophet SAW for my family?”

In the words of Allama Iqbal, Sidiq said:


“For the moth nought is needed but the lamp;
The nightingale needs nothing but the flower;
Sidiq needs nought but the Holy Prophet SAW of Islam”.


This story is illustrative of the height of Tuwakkol, which stands for complete confidence and trust in God. The doctrine Implies that if you repose perfect faith in God, God will certainly come to your help.

Umar contributed one half of his property in the way of Allah, and left one half for his family. Abu Bakr R.A. gave all that he had in the cause of Allah. He had perfect trust in God, and had the faith that if he gave all that he had in the name of God, God will Himself look after the needs of his family. That is the height of Sufism; faith in God and His Prophet SAW.



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