Hazrat Hassaan bin Saabit R.A.: The Glorious First Naat Poet

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Although core beliefs of is Islam remain the same, with its spread across the world the cultural diversity of Islam is beyond a doubt.  Whether it is the Kufic Arabic calligraphy script or the Indian Qawwali music, whether it is Arabesque art from Morocco or Ney Music from Turkey, Islam has so beautiful colours spread all over the world. 


Naat Sharif is one of the most purest forms of traditional Islamic and Sufi music. It can be praise of any Prophet, usually of the Imam of all Prophets, Muhammad SAW.


Naat Rasool e Maqbool [Muhammad SAW] began in time of Prophet himself, as Hazrat Hassaan bin Saabit R.A penned below immortal verses in glory of Prophet SAW:


و احسن منک لم ترقط عینی  

و اجمل منک  لم تلد نساء

خلقت مبر ٕ امن کل عیب

کانک قد خلقت کما تشاء


More beautiful than you never my eyes have seen anybody
No mother has give birth to anything that is more gorgeous than you
You are indeed free of all shortcomings
It seems you selected all your unravelled characteristics to perfection yourself


Prophet Muhammad SAW admired Hazrat Hassaan bin Saabit vereses and also allowed him to recite them on minbir of Masjid Nabwi. It has been recited by many Arab Naat Khawans, but Junaid Junaid’s recitation is definitely one of the most soulful and beautiful.


Qaseeda Hassan Bin Thabit – Junaid Jamshed: Download MP3




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