Why the Sufis hide themself? Rumi’s son asks him – Sufi Story

mevlana rumi

mevlana rumi

Maulana Rumi’s son asked him:

‘How and why is the dervish hidden? Is this done by superficial disguise? Is there something within himself which he conceals?’

The noble Master said:

‘It might be done in any way. Some write love-poems, and people think that they mean ordinary love. The dervish may hide his true position in the Way by adopting a calling. There are writers; and some, like Baba Farid, are traders. Still others follow various different outer activities.

‘This may be done for the sake of defence against the shallow. Some purposely act in a manner which society might disapprove.

‘Prophet Muhammad SAW has therefore said: “God has hidden the Men of Greatest Knowledge’


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