Humour of Shaykh Nazim Qabrasi: A Story

shaykh nazim

Shaykh Nazim

There are many stories from the life of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. which tell about his smile as well as mild humour when meeting people. Prophet S.AW. used to give ride to Imam Hussain over his shoulders. When Hazrat Umar R.A. saw this, he joked, ‘What a beautiful ride you have’. Prophet S.A.W. replied, ‘And what about the beautiful rider!?’

At Lefke, I had the honour to spend three days with Shaykh Nazim , may Allah bless his soul. Shaykh had a distinct mild homour, which attracted everyone toward him. He and his family were the most hospitable people I have met, who didn’t rest for a second to help Shaykh’s visitors from around the world. His family grew, plough and picked vegetables with their own hands to serve at dinner table, which was full of exceptional food. Shaykh always kept pushed to eat more. When dessert arrived, I excused saying there is not an inch left in stomach. Shaykh smiled and said, ‘No matter how busy the mosque, the Imam (dessert) always find its way to front row!

I gave up to this loving logic and ate my dessert too. May Allah bless soul of Shaykh Nazim. Ameen.

Below are some photos from Lefke

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