Ilm Tamam KeeToonay Hasil Bahu – Kalam Sultan Bahu R.A.

sultan bahu portrait

sultan bahu portrait


Aql Fikar Dee Ja Nah Kaayi
Jitthay Sirr Waahdat Subhani hoo!
Naa utth Mullaah Panḍit joshi
Nah utth Ilm Quraani hu
Jad Ahmad Ahad wikhali ditta
Taaa kul Hoyay fani hoo
Ilm Tamam Kee-toone hasil Bahu!




There is no place for wisdom or concerns there
Where only Unity of God exists – Hoo!
Moolahs, pandits and Joshis don’t exist there
And knowledge of books and holy scriptures becomes worthless – Hoo!
With the veil of ‘m’ omitted, when ‘Ahmad’ was unravelled as ‘Ahad’ (one with God)
Then All creation vanish into Him – He!
You have obtained all knowledge, O’ Sultan Bahu!


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