Ishq Is Beggar At Kaaba, Ishq Is Also Commander Of The Richest – Allama Iqbal’s verses

Allama Iqbal Sketch

Allama Iqbal Sketch

عشق فقیر حرم ، عشق امیر جنود
عشق ہے ابن سبیل ، اس کے ہزار مقام

Ishq is beggar at Kaaba, Ishq is also commander of the richest
Ishq is a wayfarer, it has a thousand abodes


Above verses are from Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal’s Baal e Jibreel, from the poems he wrote at Andulacia.

Allama Iqbal’s poem written during his Spain travels remains one him best. Allama Iqbal had deep emotional reverence to Tariq Bin Zayad and his fellows who showed unprecedented courage to conquer Andulacia.

The rule of Abdurahman I also signifies a golden period in world history, not only on the of beautiful architecture and arts, but foundation of an abode where Muslims , Christians and Jews lived together in harmony. Allama Iqbal had deep reference for the Moorish muslims who settled and ruled in Spain and this poem reflects his love and respect for them.


Download below two poems from Baal-e-Jibreel both in recitation and song format.


 Masjid E Qurtaba – Recited by By Muhammad Ali ( Actor ) (2:13)

 Masjid e Qurtuba Mosque Of Cordoba – By Malika Pukhraj And Tahira Syed (5:35)


Also download complete Kuliyat-e-Iqbal by Dr. Allama Iqbal [PDF]. 


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