Khusrow’s Initial meeting with Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia R.A



Amir Khusrau at the young age of eight years, showed wisdom and Sufiana traits. His mother asked him to visit the Nizamudin’s Monastery as it may benefit him.

When Amir arrived at the entrance, decided to put his Shaykh in trial first. He sat at the gate and composed following lines in his heart :

Tu aan shahi ke ber aiwan-e qasrat

Kabootar gar nasheenad, baaz gardad
Ghareeb-e mustamand-e ber der amad
Be-yayad andaroon, ya baaz gardad

You are at at the gate of that palace
Where even a pigeon becomes a hawk
A poor traveler has arrived at your gate
Should he enter, or should he return?


Nizamuddin Awlyia read these in his a hearts and asked a mureed to go out at the gate and respond with the following lines to Khusrow

Be-yaayad andaroon mard-e haqeeqat
Ke ba ma yek nafs hamraaz gardad
Agar abla buvad aan mard-e naadan
Azan raah-e ke aamad baaz gardad

You the Man of reality
Come inside so you become my confidant
But if the one who enters is foolish
Must he return the way he arrived from.


Amir Khusrow knew immediately that he has come to the right place for the true mentor he was looking for!

Download Kalam of Amir Khusrow R.A. in voice of amazing Warsi Brothers below:


Allah Huma Antas-Salaam (Amir Khusro)  9.8MB (5:55)

Main Nijam Se Naina (Amir Khusro)  14MB (8.41)

Zehaal-E-Miskeen Makuntaghaful (Amir Khusro) 17MB (16.6)


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