Kukh Na Chaddey Dekh Vafavan Ishq Diyan: Saeen Zahoor’s Allah Hoo

saeen zahoor

Saeen Zahoor


Kukh Na Chaddey, Dekh Vafavan Ishq Diyan

Oukhe Paindey, Lambiyaan Raavan Ishq Diyan


The fire of Love doesn’t leave anything, look at the loyalty of love

Troublesome and long are the paths of Love. 

Saeen Zahoor became an instant sensation with his performs at World Music Awards, with a memorable performances which mesmerize audiences all over the world.
Download this beautiful song in two different version by the same great Saeen Zahoor:


Allah Hoo – Live at World Music Awards

Allah Hoo (Original Version)


Also download the 16 Best Tracks by Saeen Zahoor in MP3 here.



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