Gul Az Rukhat Amookhta Nazuk Badaneera: Hakim Jami’s beautiful Naat



Gul Az Rukhat Amookhta Nazuk Badaneera is exceptionally beautful Naat Sharif penned in Farsi by Hakim Abdur-Rahman Jami, as below [Farsi with English translation]:

Gul Az Rukhat Amookhta Nazuk Badaneera, Badaneera, Badaneera
Bulbul Ze To Amookhta Shireen Sukhni Raa, Sukhni Raa

Har Kas ke Lab-e-La’al Tera Deeda be Dil Guft
Haqa Qe Che Khushkanda Aqeeq-e-Yemen Neera, Yemen Neera

Khiyat-e-Azel Dokhta Bar Qaamet-e-Zeba
Dar Qad To ee Jaama-e-Sarv-e- Chaman Neera, Chaman Neera

Dar Ishq To Dandaan Shikast Ast Be Ulfat
To Jaama Ae Rasaaneed Owais Qarani Neera, Qarani Neera

Az Jami Ae Bechara Rasaneed Salameh
Bar Dargah-e-Darbarah Rasool-e-Madan Neerah, Madan Neerah


English Translation

Flower has learned her tenderness from your elegant face,
Nightingale has learned sweet songs from your sweet lips

Anyone who saw your red lips, exclaimed from their heart
“Indeed! these are the well crafted famed Carnelian stone of Yemen”

The Tailor of the Eternity [Allah] has tailored your stature with elegance and grace
It seems that their is green dress of gardent that adorns your body

In your Ishq, my teeth are broken, All in your love
Someone take this news reach to Owais Qarni R.A. [who also broke his teeth in love of Prophet]

From destitute Jami, please accept my humble salam
To Holy Court of Prophet (SAW) of Madina Munawara


Download this beautful Naat in voice of amazing Naat Khawan Umme Habiba.






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