Miniature Art by Naqsh School of Arts Students

Naqsh School of Art is an extremely interesting art academy located at Bazar Hakeeman near Bhati Gate, Inner City Lahore. What really sets it apart is its focus on traditional Islamic art such as miniature [meenatori in Urdu], calligraphy and ceramic.


Miniature is mainly confined within South Asia and is an endangered form of art. Using a extremely small brush, small dotted impressioned are made on paper to create a larger image. Miniature required extreme focus and concetration. Islamic Calligraphy at Naqsh School of Art is taught by Sher Zaman, a leading expert in arabic scripts.


Naqsh has a feel of a small non-profit institutional whose sole purpose is to preserve a wonderful oriental art form and provide it to the masses. The school exhibits and sells works of its art students. Below is a art gallery of miniature art created by its students:




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