Naqa-i-Laila – Miniature Art by A.R.Chughtai

Naqa-i-Laila – Miniature Art by A.R. Chughtai

There a few artists who redefine a genre and Abdur Rahman Chughtai (more commonly known as A.R. Chughtai) was one of them. Born in Lahore in Mohalla Chabuk Sawaran to a family of artists, he learned the traditional art of Naqqashi but later moved into profession of Photography. With varied skills to his sleeve, he developed a unique style in Oeintial art which remained very versatile, from watercolors to pencil sketches to miniatures.

He became most popular for his miniature style, which uses the thinest possible brush to create dots, that collate to form an image. Like Sadequain, he also experimented with writing verses as well as painting verses of Mirza Ghalib and Allama Iqbal, which were widely admired by critics.

A.R. Chughtai is famed for his three art compilations: Muraqqai-i-Chughtai, Naqsh-i-Chughtai and Chughtai’s Paintings. He was awarded Pakistan’s highest civil honours including Pride of Performance.



Naqa-i-Laila – Minature Painting by A-R-Chugtai

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