Playing Chimta with a difference: The Genius of Sain Mushtaq Hussain

Sain Mushtaq Hussain and Arif Lohar are credited with giving the humble Chimta a rank among the music instruments of Punjab. Although Arif Lohar was more popular among masses, Sain Mushtaaq is considered a more innovative Chimta player with a unique ability to play different surr [musical notes] on his chimta.



Sain Mushtaq sung all famous folktales of Punjab such as Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahibaan and Saasi Panoo and his performances are hailed by music lovers as one of the most innovative performance, especially his playing of chimta. He is credited as the greatest Chimta player, even though vocally he could not reach the extreme high notes of Alam Lohar.

Punjabi Music is loved and listened by millions of Punjabis not only in Indian and Pakistani Punjab but also overseas across the world. Although it has evolved to become a blend of most east and west and have gone mainstream in form of Indian and Pakistani cinema,
the original folk tunes are still loved by those who understand Heer Waris Shah and other kalam.


Whatever form Heer Ranja or Saasi Panoo takes, Punjabi folklore remain the genre of words of love, romance and affection between these beloved and immortal characters which when performed on melodic tunes keep touching our hearts.


 Heer Waris Shah – Sain Mushtaq Hussain (57:00)

 Mirza Sahibaan – Sain Mushtaq Hussain (13:31)

 Sassi – Sain Mushtaq (9:40)






on his Chimta

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