Fellow and Companions of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal Party: by Wazir Dayers

Dear Brother W,
Isn’t it strange to know that many people in this video are no longer alive?
Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib died in 1997. His brother, “The Harmonium King”, Ustad Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan, died in 2003. Ustad Mujahid Mubarak Ali Khan (sitting in the middle, Nusrat’s cousin, son of Ustad Muabarak Ali Khan Qawwal and father of Rizwan & Muazzam Ali Khan) died in 1996.
nusrat fateh ali khan qawwal party

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal Party

The man sitting behind Nusrat, Ghulam Abbas Khan, Nusrat’s most gifted shagird, also died (I don’t know the year), and so did Maqsood Hussain, the awazia sitting at the opposite end of the stage. Later he was replaced by little Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.
Ustad Atta Fareed, awazia and playing the second harmonium (with his left hand), is still alive and still sings qawwali, in an ensemble that is called “Kalay Khan Atta Fareed Bhaag Qawwal”. I don’t know if the other singers are his sons or not. You can watch item/listen to them on YouTube, e.g.
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