Abida Parveen’s concert in Belgium and Switzerland: Told by Wazir Dayers


abida parveen

abida parveen

Wazir Dayers is a leading author on Rumi and Sufi Music. Below is an exclusive letter to TheSufi.com, which I am sharing with much love and compliments.

Dear Brother W,
This evening I’m sending you Sufi songs from the grand dame of Sufiana Kalam, Begum Abida Parveen. The songs were recorded during a concert in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1994.
I’m a great admirer of Begum Abida Parveen – there’s no Sufi singer like her, she’s unique. In 2000 I attended an Abida Parveen concert in Belgium, and I will always cherish the memory of that concert.


I also send you the booklet in PDF format, which also contains translations of the songs, in French and in English.


Abida Parveen - Qaul, Ghazal and Kafi

Abida Parveen – Qaul, Ghazal and Kafi


You already have a number of the songs on this CD in your Abida Parveen collection, but these are different versions, and in my opinion they deserve a place on your valuable website.

May you and other lovers of Sufiana Kalam enjoy these songs!

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