Ramzan 2019 Special: Download the Best Naat ever in Free MP3.

Ramzan 2019 Special: Download the Best Naat MP3 ever


Download Best Naat Ever

Download Best Naat Ever


Although core beliefs of Islam remain the same, with its spread across the world the cultural diversity of Islam is beyond a doubt. 


Whether it is the Kufic Arabic calligraphy script or the Indian Qawwali music, whether it is Arabesque art from Morocco or Ney Music from Turkey, Islam has so many beautiful but diverse colours all over the world


Naat Sharif is one of the most purest forms of traditional Islamic and sufi music. It can be praise of any Prophet, usually of the Imam of all Prophets, Muhammad SAW.


Naat Rasool e Maqbool [Muhammad SAW] began in time of Prophet himself, as Hazrat Hassaan bin Saabit R.A. , the Naat Khawan of Prophet S.A.W. Per Hadith, Hazrat Hassaan penned verses on then beauty and nobility of Prophet SAW and Prophet appreciated this.


Below remain his most famous Naat verses:



و احسن منک لم ترقط عینی  

و اجمل منک  لم تلد نساء

خلقت مبر ٕ امن کل عیب

کانک قد خلقت کما تشاء


More beautiful than you never my eyes have seen anybody

No mother has give birth to anything that is more gorgeous than you

You are indeed free of all shortcomings

It seems you selected all your unravelled characteristics to perfection yourself



Naat Sharif are now recited in every part of the world. Whether it is amazing voices from India and Pakistan such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Aslam Sabri Qawwal, or Sufi Whirling Ensembles that includes Praise of Allah and Prophets before the Sufi whirling begins.


In Ramadan 2019, we revisit the 40 Best of the Best Naat Sharif ever recited and categorize them in Urdu, Punjabi, Farsi and Arabic Naats.


  • Urdu Naats Sharif

Whether it is Soulful voice Rahain Batakne Wale By Najam Sheraz or beautifully penned Aagaey Mustafa – recited by Khursheed Ahmad, Urdu language with its naturally poetic style gives amazing colours to Naat verses.

Naat Khawani is an art that has attracted artists of other genres also. Famous Punjabi artists Abrar ul Haq perform a melodious Naat Rok Leti Hai Aap. Huriya Rafiq Qadri is also an exceptional female Naat Khawan famed for her beautiful Naat Naam-e-Muhammad Sallay Ala.

Our Urdu Naat Faslon ko Takaluf by Qari Waheed Zafar and Ye Sab Tumhara Karam Hay Aqa – Khursheed Ahmad remain the 2nd and 1st most popular Naat ever.

Yeh Subh e Madina Yeh Shaam-e-Madina by Junaid Jamshed and Shah-e-Medina –  Saira Naseem are also two beloved Naat Rasool-e-Maqbool, which remain a part of every Ramadan Transmission on Pakistani TV channels.



  • Punjabi Naats

Punjabi is the language of great Sufi poets such as Bulleh Shah and Baba Farid and it is no surprise the one o the greatest Naat Sharif ever written are in Punjabi.


Aj Sik Mitran Di Wadheri hai is a naat penned by Pir Meher Ali Shah, recited beautifully by Owais Qadri is an evergreen Naat, which has been sung by many other singer through many generations now.



  • Arabic Naats

Arabic is obviously the native language of Naat Sharif and we continue to see beautiful verses written in glory of Prophet SAW since more than 1400 yea. Nabiyon Nabiyon by Qari Waheed Zafar is a beautiful Naat in Arabic language.


Also Qasida Burd Sharif is a beautiful arabic Naat, sung amazingly by Professor Abdul Rauf Rufi, without which no Ramzan is complete.



  • Indonesian Naat


Husna – Haddad Alvi (Indonesian) Balaghak is another incredible tribute from Indonesia, the largest Muslim country by population.  Often underrated, Indonesia remains the largest Muslim country by population Indonesians are peaceful and deeply spiritual people and their immense love for Prophet SaW reflects



  • Persian Naats

Persian remain the language of beautiful poetry of Hafiz and Saadi and one of the beloved Couplets ‘Balaghal Ulla Bi Kamalihi’ by Hazrat Shaikh Saadi R.A. are in Farsi

Amir Khusrow verses including Chaapp Tilak also mention the glory of Prophet SAW in a unique style. Zehal-e-Miskeen – Sabri Brothers Qawwal [Kalam with Zikr of Prophet, penned by Hazrat Amir Khusrow] remains one of the greatest Naat Sharif ever.

Gul Az Rukhat Amookht Nazuk Badaneera – Umme Habiba isaria Farsi Naat attributed to Hazrat Hakim Jami, another glorious Naats Sharif.






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