Rooh-e-Arzi Adam Ka Istaqbaal (Earth welcomes Adam after his Eviction from Heavens)

Rooh-e-Arzi Adam Ka Istaqbaal Karti Hai – Allama Iqbal


Khol Ankh Zameen Dekh Iqbal Verse Sadequain

Rooh-e-Arzi Adam Ka Istaqbal Karti Hai -Sadequain

Rooh-e-Arzee Adam ka Istiqbaal Kartee Hai is Dr. Allama Iqbal’s poem from Baal-e-Jibreel compilation. It is Allama’s lyrical take on the eviction of Adam from Heaven [or Eden] as he is exiled to Planet Earth, an infenior place. Unlike some other contemperories who advocated the humility and ephemeral nature of man, Allama, inspired by Nietzsche’s Uberman, took a different bold direction in Baal-e-Jibreel.


Iqbal’s concept of Mard-e-Momin is about a rightous man, glorious and great by nature, who is born to create new world with his toil. He is no longer embarassed of being Khaki [Wet Clay], an inferior element, but his courage, self-respect and efforts makes him far superior to angels. Being the viceroy of God, man also shares the secrets with his Creator that is known to no one else.


As Adam is expelled from Heaven, he is deprived of heavenly favours and faced many challenges ahead to settle in his new abode. At this time of despair, Earth, who is also made of inferior clay, comforts Adam with these verses.


خورشید جہاں تاب کی ضو تیرے شرر میں
آباد ہے اک تازہ جہاں تیرے ہنر میں
جچتے نہیں بخشے ہوے فردوس نظر میں
جنّت تیری پنہاں ہے تیرے خون جگر میں
!اے پیکر گل ، کوشش پیہم کی جزا دیکھ


The radiance of Sun is because of the flame inside you

You skills are to create unseen worlds!

The heaven [garden of Eden], granted you as favour, does not match [your self-respect]

Your heaven is hidden in your blood [which you will create with own toil]

O’ Man, you formation of clay, witness the reward of effort and perseverance!


Same message is reflected in Iqbal’s dialogue between Man and God. God taunts Adam of the ills he has brough to planet earth, including violence and destruction. But Adam responds by drawing God’s attention towards things he built, bridges he construct and things he established on his temporary abode.


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