Shaykh Nazim on souls, dreaming and veils

Shaykh Nazim on souls, dreaming and veils that prevents us from seeing Divine


Bissmillahir Rahmanir Raheem


A saint may meet with every soul, in this world or in Barzakh [space between two worlds]. He can call your soul, even when it is sleeping. In sleep, our souls leaves our bodies, only a little energy stays with it.

As example, when neon light switched off in a dark room, yet you may see dim waves of light flowing. When the soul is ‘switched off, waves remaining to keep breath and blood going for the human body.

Some people see saints in dreams. Their souls have extraordinary and massive powers you can’t describe. If Allah permits, these saints can take yours from east to west. These people, the whole world is in their hand, in this world and in the real heavenly afterword.

If a man is ready, he may remember such a dream [of souls meeting]. If not ready, he will forget

All of us are ready, but we are unable to reach the level of unveiling [of divine glory]. This is because we have veils on our hearts’ eyes.

When this veils are removed, you may look on the Day of Promises. It was the day when our souls were asked by Allah Almighty: Am I not your Lord?

With veils removed, we may look onto this view, that exact sight.

These veils are not ordinary. These are thick and to remove them requires a surgery. That surgery is Dhikr.


Sultan ul Awliya Shaykh Nazim AI-Haqqani QS




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