Singularity of Being: The story of Prophet and Abu-Bakr

Green Dome of Masjide e Nabwi

Green Dome of Masjide e Nabwi


Hazrat Abu Bakr remain the closest companion of Prophet Muhammad SAW through his life. Prophet said that there is one companion whose immense favours he can never return that is Abu Bakr. The glory of Hazrat Abu Bake as the foremost of Companions and first Caliph is acknowledged by Sufis, including Rumi and Ali Hajvairi in Masnavi and Kashful Mahjoob respectively.


According to Hadith, once Abu Bakr knocked at Prophet’s door at night.

“Who is this ?” , asked Prophet

“Abu Bakr”, he replied

“Abu Bakr, who”, Prophet enquired

This puzzled Abu Bakr and he went back. He asked Prophet

In the morning how come he didn’t recognise him last night. Prophet explained that there is a moment in time where such singularity of being happens and all the distance between creation and creator are gone and there is no room remains for any other being.



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