Eid: A Commemoration of Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice




Eid-al-Azha is here, which commentates the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S, also known as Prophet Abraham in West. Hazrat Ibrahim is considered the ‘father of prophets’, since all Abrahmic Religions [Judaism, Christianity and Islam] root from descendants of Hazrat Ibrahim. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. narrated, “I am the prayer of my father, Hazrat Ibrahim A.S.”.

Here is a beautiful story about Hazrat Ibrahim from Shaykh Saadi’s masterpiece Gulistan.


Story of Prophet Abraham and Fire-Worshiper

Once God asked Hazrat Ibrahim to invite and treat a certain fire-worshipper for lunch. When the lunch arrived, Hazrat Ibrahim said Bismillah to commence meal with name of God. However, the Zoroastrian refused to do so. Hazrat Ibrahim was offended and he passed remarks that one must remember God before eating the food provisioned by him.

However, the Zoroastrian regarded this as contempt.

“I dont believe in your God and wont call his name”, he said and left the lunch.

At this moment, God sent a revelation to Hazrat Ibrahim.

“O’ Ibrahim, I fed this person for so many years, despite he never believed in me” exclaimed God. “Today I asked you to arrange lunch for my guest, and you failed in small task!”

Hazrat Ibrahim were speechless at this. He ran back to find the Zoroastrian, asked for his forgiveness, and brought him back for lunch.




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