Story of Hazrat Ibrahim ibn Adham leaving the throne: From Masnavi

Story of Hazrat Ibrahim ibn Adham leaving the throne: From Masnavi

Hazrat Ibrahim ibn Adham was the emperor of King, living a live of luxury and worldly desires. Allah had a different plan for the King and his true place was not the worldly empire but a spiritual one.

Ibrahim Adam was sleeping on the upper floor of his grand palace that he heart footsteps at night. He became intimidated by the sounds of these and wondered how can someone actually get access to his private castle on the first floor during the middle of night.

“Who are you to interrpt the sleep of the King”, he exclaimed.

These were the angels who by the order of Allah have descended to his palace.

“We lost of our camel here and looking for it here”, the angels replied.

“How shocking is that you are searching for your camel in the upper floor of a King’s palace!?”, Ibrahim Adam remarked at their bizarre answer.

“The more shocking is you are searching for Allah in this life of luxury and worldly desires!”, the angels responded back.

Saying this the angels vanished, however, this event had marked huge impact on the King’s heart that he took off the crown and silk robes, wore a blanket and left the palace on his journey of self-discovery.


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Sufi and Sultan: A.R.Chughtai

Sufi and Sultan: A.R.Chughtai




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