Story of Hazrat Umar R.A. and the Harpist – Story from Masnavi

Story of Hazrat Umar R.A. and the Harpist – Story from Mevlana Rumi’s Masnavi

A Sarangi [Harp] player grew old, and his voice became aged and coarse, which led to a loss of customers.

“My voice was once so beautiful, but time has not been kind to me”, he repented.

He became isolated and resentful for wasting his years as all his fame evaporated. He repented to God that when his voice was young, he used it merely for worldly fame.

“Oh, if only I had dedicated my voice to God when it was at its peak”, he said. Had he trusted God and used his voice for Him, he would not have seen such a day. As he repented, he went to the graveyard in Medina Munawara.

He repented with such fervour that God sent a message to the heart of the Caliph, Hazrat Umar R.A., instructing him to find the harpist and deliver good news of his repentance being accepted, along with sustenance items.

Hazrat Umar R.A. went on his way and finally found him weak and starved. The harpist was intimidated by Hazrat Umar and started shivering.

“I have come with good tidings. God has accepted your repentance”, Hazrat Umar R.A. consoled him.

When the harpist heard this, he wept with joy and broke his harp. He exclaimed to his harp, “You have been depriving me of Divine love all my life.”

Hazrat Umar R.A. had tears in his eyes hearing this. He said to Harpist, “Your weeping is a sign of your cleanliness of your heart. With closeness to Allah, your soul has become more radiant since your tears are like pearls in Allah’s eyes”


Golden Door of Masjid-e-Nabwi Medina

Golden Door of Masjid-e-Nabwi Medina


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