Story of Man who could understand Animal language

Story of Man who could understand Animal language: Story from Rumi’s Masnavi


Once, there was a man who approached Moses with an unusual request. He wanted to learn the language of animals because he believed that humans only used language to obtain food and deceive others. He thought that understanding animals’ languages might strengthen his faith.


Hazrat Moosa [Moses]

Hazrat Moosa [Moses]


Initially, Moses was hesitant to fulfill his request. He knew that such knowledge could bring destruction to the man. However, the man persisted, so Moses sought counsel from God. Eventually, Moses agreed to teach him the languages of birds and dogs.

The next morning, the man ventured among the birds and overheard a conversation between a rooster and a dog. The dog was upset with the rooster for eating the bread crumbs that fell from their master’s table. The dog complained because he could only eat bread while the rooster had plenty of grains to eat. In an attempt to calm the dog, the rooster informed him that the master’s horse would die the following day, ensuring that the dog would have enough to eat. Upon hearing this, the master promptly sold his horse. Unfortunately, this left the dog disappointed and angry, so he attacked the rooster again.

This time, the rooster predicted the death of the master’s mule. In response, the master sold the mule as well. Then, the rooster foresaw the death of a slave, and once again, the master sold the slave. Losing his patience, the dog accused the rooster of being a deceitful leader. However, the rooster defended himself by explaining that all three deaths had indeed occurred just as he predicted. It was the master who had chosen to sell the horse, mule, and slave, and he shifted the blame onto others.

To punish the master for his dishonesty, the rooster revealed that the master himself would die the next day, ensuring there would be plenty for the dog to eat at the funeral feast. Upon hearing this dreadful news, the master approached Moses in great distress, pleading to be saved. Moses, in turn, beseeched the Lord on his behalf and obtained permission for the master to die peacefully in God’s embrace.


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