Visit to Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba: Travel Guide

When you enter Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, you are not looking precious relic of the past, nor are you in just another museum. You are entering a sacred place that is open to the entire world.


The whole monumental site of the old Mosque was first consecrated as the Cathedral of Santa Maria in the year 1146 and definitively in 1236. Since then, and without missing a single day, the Chapter has held the Holy Mass for the Christian community in this beautiful and magnificent temple. To better understand this, you must breathe in the air of spirituality evoked by its diving light, listen to the story of its artwork, read the reliefs of its choir stalls and admire the elegance of its two-coloured.afrches. On discovering the unique beauty of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, you will understand that it is a living building, one that has been transformed by men from different cultures and religions throughout history. As a result it will be etched in your heart


Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba Map

Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba Map


The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba has been a National Monument since 1882. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and in June 2014 was it given the honour of being classified as a Site of Outstanding Universal Value, recognising that the religious use of the temple has guaranteed the preservation of the monument.

The Cathedral Chapter of Cordoba, sensitive to the cultural heritage and aware of the importance of the legacy received, has since 1236 focussed its efforts on preserving and raising awareness about the temple, which has allowed this monument to survive into modern times.



Open every day the year

From March to October Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm

Sundays and religious hoi 8.30am 111.30am and 3c

From November to February Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm

Sundays and religious holidays 8.30am – 11.30am and 3pm – 6pm

C/ Cardenal Herrera, 1

14003 Cordoba (Spain)

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