Tere Ishq Main Jo Bhi Doob Gaya – Allan Fakir meets Muhammad Ali Shehki

As Classical & Folk Raags faced Western Music & Instruments, it led to many famous collaborations between Folk and Pop Artists.


Even today good collaborations  between classical and modern musicians remain few. Junoon  remain one of the greatest exceptions as they managed to create an exceptional Fusion of traditional Sufi music and Rock music.


Sindhi Sufi Music from Bhit Shah, the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, was introduced into mainstream by Allan Fakir, the son of Sindh. At the same time, Muhammad Ali Shehki, was one of the foremost Pop artist of his time.


As viewers of PTV may recall, these two legends collaborated and the beautiful track Tere Ishq Main Jo Bhi Doob Gaya, Ussay Duniya Ki Lehron Se Darna Kya was born. A tune that still remains evergreen!



The collaboration between Muhammad Ali Shehki and Allan Fakir, although more than 3 decades old, continue to inspire modern fusion music and bridges the gap between classical folk and and modern rock & pop.




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