Tere Ishq Nachaya Karke Thaiya Thaiya: Bulleh Shah Masterpiece

hazrat baba bulleh shah

hazrat baba bulleh shah


Tere Ishq Nachaya is regarded as Bulleh Shah best loved and most known poems. Bulleh Shah was of Syed caste and his Peer o Murshid Baba Shah Inayat was of lower Arayin caste, who often worked in fields as laborers.

Bulleh Shah rebelled against caste system and fought via his poetry to spread message of humanity, tolerance and love.

Story goes that facing opositions from Bulleh Shah’s family, Shah Arayin became decided to leave Bulleh Shah.

Bulleh Shah went after him and started dancing with ghungaroo in the street, something associated with lowest Kanjar castes, just to make his Peer pleased with him, and indeed he was successful. This magical story was immortalized in his verses:


Kanjari Baniya Meri Izzat Na Ghatdee

Meinoo Nach Me Yaar Manawan De


Today for such wisdom, he is respected equally by Hindu, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians of South Asia and beyond.


Download Tere Ishq Nachaya Karke Thaiya Thaiya in voice of Abida Parveen in MP3 format.



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