Thank you Allah – Islamic article by Shahreen Khalid

Thank you Allah – Islamic article by Shahreen Khalid


Even in your presence nearer to my jugular vein, I miss you so much dear Allah. I can not wait to meet you to tell this cruel world has never been easy for me. The burden I carry every day with a smiling face, Oh Allah it’s too difficult for me. I badly want to cry my heart out near you, in front of you Allah. Sometimes when I had just no option except sabr I want to let you know my heart aches so badly, even though you know. Thank you so much, Allah Pak, for revealing Surah Adh-Dhuha, Surah of the Morning on Muhammad (SAW). I myself being born with a depressive personality l can not imagine my existence without below:


نہ تیرے رب نے تجھے چھوڑا ہے اور نہ بیزار ہو گیا ہے

Ad-Duhaa: Surah 3, Ayah 93


In the moment of happiness, I want to smile with you dear Allah, offer a Sajdah so near to you . In my unanswered prayers, I want you so much, I want you to console me. I love you so much dear Allah but you know my poor soul thinks how can you love me, The King of Universe Ya Allah. It’s so difficult for me to believe that you love me, I committed so many sins I’m not even able to be remembered, but still just because you are Rehman you’re Raheem.



I want to let you know I want to be with you over here and hereafter. For the sake of a single tear I shed in your love, or a tremor I had out of your fear, I asked you to take me under your shade on the day of judgement. I know Allah ITS too big to ask for a very poor soul like me, but Ya Arhamar Rahemeen I’m asking this from you The very Majestic and the very Merciful that on the day of judgment I want my ears to receive



اے نفس مطمئن ! اے وہ جس کا دل اپنے رب پر جما رہا چل اپنے رب کی طرف تو اپنے رب
کے نزدیک پسندیدہ ہے اور اپنے انجام نیک سے خوش،شامل ہوجا میرے نیک بندوں میں اور
داخل ہو جا میری جنت میں۔



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