The King’s Blood: Sufi Story by Saadi Shirazi

The King’s Blood: Sufi Story by Saadi Shirazi
A king was diagnosed with life threatening disease. The Royal pharmacist suggested that a cure may be possible using a large quantity of blood of a particular young boy. The king sent his troops who negotiated with his parents a large sum of money in lieu of his life. When the boy was brought to executioner, he looked at the sky and sighed in grief.
The king asked him why did this. He replied, ‘At such scenario, what can I do when my own parents sell for sake of money and fear of King. I can ask the king , who is the guardian of people, but your own life is dependent on my blood. My eyes are seeking help of God, the King of all Kings’.
The king said to himself ‘It’s better for me to die, rather than having blood of innocent on my hands’. He let the boy free with lots of bounties.
God’s will was that he recovered himself from the illness and rules for many years with justice.
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