What knowledge Sufi shall provide to people: Sufi quote

What knowledge to provide to people: Sufi quote by Ajmal of Badakhshan

There are three ways of presenting knowledge to people

  1. The first way is to present everything to them.
  2. The second is share what they want to hear from you.
  3. And the third is to give them specific knowledge in a way that is best for them

Now if you give all knowledge people the result maybe excessive as the will not be able to digest the knowledge.

And if you give people what they want to hear, such knowledge can harm them.

However if you give people what is best for them, that will be the best option.

Yes, in the worst case they will misunderstand you and oppose you. However if you serve sincerely and provide what is in their best benefit, you have done your job and there will be benefit, whatever appearance might it take.

Based on Sufi writing of Ajmal of Badakhshan.

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